New York City’s performing arts foundations help support a unique culture that can’t be found elsewhere and it’s imperative that local groups are effective in helping the culture’s expansion. The Women’s Leadership Council is doing just that and I’m proud to be part of a movement established through the collaboration of powerful female leaders who support such an incredible community.

The Women’s Leadership Council is a group of active female business leaders who are passionate about supporting this artistic culture and influential in raising funds for eight performing art organizations at the Lincoln Center Corporate Fund. Our team has achieved an astronomical impact as it raises funds for the entire Lincoln Center campus. Since the Leadership Council’s inception in 2013, we’ve surpassed our fundraising goals each year and are eager to continue helping the growth of such a vibrant

The Women’s Leadership Council’s focus is around the eight performing arts organizations and two professional performing arts academies in residence at the Lincoln Center. Our impact has helped them establish their foundations and grow their brand by way of not only funding initiatives but other routes as well. Raising unrestricted funds is just the forefront of the our interests but community involvement is a major focus we share as well. The council engages in creative educational programming, presenting exciting new productions, and mounting free music performances.

Since our group’s inception in the beginning of 2013, we’ve reached all of our fundraising goals by a long stride and our success seems to have translated well through our events in production.

We were a driving force behind the Fashion Gala that is soon approaching its 3rd annual show at the Lincoln Center in December. The Gala is a great way to bring together like minded investors and industry supporters to an event that honors the achievements of globally acclaimed fashion designers. We’re proud to announce that this year’s Gala will feature Valentino.

The approach our council took to igniting the Fashion Gala series is the same model we have in mind in the progression of our own organization. We’ve done a great job expanding this event’s audience and the fundraising of such. But our intent with all projects involves the idea of bringing different leaders of the business community together.

As a group, we’re passionate about growing the individuals involved in both the residencies of Lincoln Center as well as this organization.

As a member of the Women’s Leadership Council you’re expected to uphold your annual membership contribution, attend quarterly Council meetings, but we take a special interest in the Council’s younger generation with our mandatory mentorship program of Junior Council Members.

Every one of us is very invested in helping develop these young business women through the beginning of their careers. Since the winter of 2014 we’ve been internally promoting this mentorship program that ultimately builds fruitful relationships between the Junior Council and tenured Council inductees.

Junior Council Members choose a mentor that they think would be a good fit for them because of the knowledge and advice they could provide. We’ve seen that relationships connect because members are within similar industries or personal networks. But garnering the relations of powerful minds from top to bottom helps expand our networks.

The group of leaders I’ve been able to be a part of here is such a strong foundation for the growth of the performing arts culture at the Lincoln Center. The Women’s Leadership Council creates a channel for our board to put our savvy business experience, connections, industry insight, and knowledge to initiate programs in the LC Corporate Fund through fundraising.

Having business minded individuals collaborating together is great but the fact that we’re passionate about expanding the culture is ideal. All of the supported organizations by the Council are NYC based institutions with an international presence. Seeing as our impact is global, our overseas ties have shown in our programs as well. We plan to continue establishing our local leadership through the raising of unrestricted dollars for the 10 constitute organizations and someday solidify a global stature.