Here at the Charatan Family Foundation, we believe in facilitating positive changes in the New York City community. Through mindful altruism, the Charatan Family Foundation fortifies charitable causes in the arts, supports noble Jewish Initiatives, and improves assistance to youth, the elderly, sick and disabled.

Founded by Debrah Charatan in the mid-1990s, the Charatan Family Foundation has for over two decades been instrumental in the New York City community’s altruistic development. From social and environmental causes, to performing arts and education, our dedication to the city and its people is strengthened by a diverse roster of charities that we hold close to our hearts.

Our foundation believes in transparency and a clear vision for all of our philanthropic endeavors. When we ensure a charity’s vision is authentic to our own core values — community, care, clarity and culture — we can better assist where and how the funds will be spent. Our foundation aims to consistently invest in visionary and passionate organizations that enhance the spirit of New York City and its inhabitants.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to aid and grow charities that make a difference in the New York City community.



Together with the initiatives we support, the Charatan Family Foundation hopes to leave the city and the world better and brighter with every dollar spent, and warmer with every charitable action our contributions lead to.

    • We hope to build upon our work in New York City by fostering a community led by grounded morals and a common goal to change lives for the better.
    • Our mission is to aid and grow the charities that we believe represent laudable causes, particularly in regards to cultural support and medical care.
    • Our team is guided by a vision to help individuals assist one another to instill a solid foundation in communities across the globe, from Manhattan outwards.
    • We are committed to expanding our portfolio of nonprofits to include charities that will actively use our support for the greater good of the city, the arts, Jewish culture, youth education and medical progress.
    • At the Charatan Family Foundation, we want every entity under our umbrella to reach its full potential and maximize its efforts with the help of funding and goodwill.

Charitable Investments:

We are incredibly proud of the sound investments the Charatan Family Foundation has backed over the past year, as well as in the many years past. The social impact we’ve witnessed the organizations we’ve partnered with accomplish is a reward in and of itself.

Among other contributions large and small, we were especially excited and honored to provide $500,000 to Selfhelp, an 80 year old independent living initiative that provides affordable housing to the elderly. Initially a support system for Holocaust survivors, Selfhelp has branched out to develop various housing units across New York City for the elderly and at-risk populations. Their 10th building, which will open in 2017, will bear the name of the Foundation’s Debrah Charatan in honor of her support and generosity.

This is just one of the many organizations the Charatan Family Foundation is proud to be a part of.


See below for a more robust list of charities and nonprofits we support:


The Arts

Lincoln Center Corporate Fund

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Museum of Modern Art

The Jewish Museum

Jewish Partisans Educational Foundation JPEF

Jewish Initiatives

Jewish Partisan Education Foundation

United States Holocaust Museum

Chabad of Southampton

UJA Federation

Park East Synagogue

Sheba Medical Center

The Hampton Synagogue

The Chelsea Shul

Women’s International Zionist Organization

Gottesman RTW Academy


Elderly / Disabled / Youth Care

Cleary Foundation for the Deaf

The Friendship Circle


Chai Lifeline

enCourage Kids Foundation

Hebrew Academy for Special Children



Medical Care

Kidney & Urology Foundation

Caron Foundation

Kellner Pediatric Liver Foundation

Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation

The Ellen Hermanson Foundation