As the first synagogue in Southampton, NY, the Chabad of Southampton continues to operate as a pioneer organization for Jews from all walks of life. Established in 1640, our Chabad hangs a certain level of importance among its open-door, judgmental policy, and our practices have encouraged a very active and engaging Jewish community!

From Friday-night Shabbat services and educational children’s lessons to Hebrew reading courses for adults, the Chabad of Southampton coordinates programs to heighten the religious knowledge of all ages. Our community outreach activations are only the beginning of what makes our Chabad a unique house in the Jewish community. We hope to inspire not only Jewish individuals but other synagogues to further their community presence as it establishes a greater global knowledge and presence, one person at a time.

Educational Programs

Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me is a program of interactive activities for mothers and their children to learn about the Jewish tradition through an upbeat, creative and stimulating environment. These activities allow parents to teach the younger children through active learning which is the most effective educational method for kids of those ages.

From life size board games to fun character puppets, the Chabad of South Hampton tries to better their youth education in an endearing way. Join other Jewish parents as they participate in children exercises like group song, cooking, crafts and story.


Hebrew School

The Chabad Hebrew School continues the Chabad’s educational initiatives. The Synagogue offers youth classes that bring kids through the history of Judaism in an effort to expand their knowledge of the Jewish religion. The Chabad of Southampton, has earned its place as one of the trendsetters in creative Jewish educating, specifically for children between the ages of five to thirteen.

The program is propelled by the Chabad’s passionate teachers who have a tenured academic resume. Teaching students in both a class setting but also through an individual basis allows our faculty to cater to the needs of each child.


Community Building

Friday Night Shabbat Dinners


Establishing a connected community is as valuable as the Chabad’s educational initiatives. Friday Night Shabbat Dinners are a great way for community members to come celebrate the Jewish religion while engaging in conversation with like individuals.

Select Friday evenings are chosen year round for Shabbat dinners, following the day’s Friday services. These dinners are a great way to socialize and with the presence of guest speakers,

it’s easy to gain more insight into Jewish tradition from knowledgeable sources.


Setting the Difference

The Chabad of Southampton centers around accepting Jews from all backgrounds and walks of life. We’re eager to create an open environment that promotes interconnectivity and communication among individuals and organizations. Through a variety of internal programs, the Chabad invites all ages to learn further about the Jewish religion and surrounding Jewish community.

The services of the Chabad of Southampton create a casual atmosphere that should be practiced at a greater scale. These initiatives not only perpetuate the root knowledge of Judaism but also establish a network of individuals who can build a stable Jewish community now and for years to come.