The Charatan Family Foundation believes that access to superior medical care is a human right, and over the years we’ve been proud to support a variety of health and medical organizations that are addressing some of our most critical needs. Cancer research is so vital to so many of us, which is why we choose to fund the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF).

SWCRF finances cross-institutional research to help develop new cancer therapies and, ultimately, find cures. Not long ago, so much of this research transpired in silos, with researchers duplicating efforts. Thankfully, SWCRF has championed a collaborative approach, endowing researchers with shared resources and tools that develop cures faster. Researchers no longer need to repeat the mistakes of their peers, making our progress much more efficient. In order for scientists to receive funding, they must first agree to share study findings with SWCRF colleagues prior to publishing the results, so that insights can be viewed and acted upon right away. This commitment to transparency forces participants to prioritize collaboration above professional recognition, keeping the work centered where it belongs: the patients.

SWCRF focuses on both cures and prevention. By understanding how to identify and correct abnormal gene function, it’s helped fund breakthroughs within specific cancers, as well as better understand the biology of cancer so that treatments can effectively work for multiple types of diseases. The Foundation addresses numerous cancer types, but some of its largest areas of focus have been blood malignancies, breast, colorectal and lung cancers. It’s helped drive countless breakthroughs, including finding new therapies to better address liver cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, pediatric cancer, lung cancer, and more. Since its inception in 1976, it has awarded nearly $100 million to support the initiatives of over 200 researchers that work together across 60 research labs throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

SWCRF’s founder, Samuel Waxman, is an oncologist who has devoted his life to studying differentiation as a cancer therapy. He’s worked at Mount Sinai in New York City for over 40 years, serving as both a Division Head and Professor. He’s authored more than 300 scientific papers, several books, and helped found the International Conference on the Differentiation Therapy of Cancer. His work has greatly advanced our understanding of cancer and served as the foundation for a cure to acute promyelocytic leukemia. He’s one of New York’s finest, making lasting contributions locally and around the world, which is exactly what the Charatan Family Foundation strives to support: large-impact efforts that benefit New York City, our nation and the world.

Without our health, it’s impossible to stay engaged in our lives and be our best selves. It’s our hope that our ongoing support of Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation allows more people to live longer, higher quality lives with safer and more effective cancer therapies at their fingertips. We are delighted to support an organization that does so much for our city and the world.